How to Backup Azure Virtual Machine using Recovery Services Vault

To backup a virtual machine data in Azure, you store that data in an Azure resource called a Recovery Services vault. The benefit of having the Recovery Services vault integrated into the Settings menu of most Azure services makes it easy to back up data. It is easy to back up multiple virtual machines by creating a backup policy and applying that policy to the desired virtual machines.

Backup Azure Virtual Machine

Azure backups can be created through  these methods:

  •      Azure portal
  •      PowerShell
  •     CLI
  • ·    ARM templates

Backup Policy

Backup policy is the schedule for how often and when recovery points are taken. Policy also includes the retention range for the recovery points.

In the Backup items blade, select Azure Virtual Machine to onboard a VM for backup.

Select a backup policy to set for the backup virtual machine.

In the Select virtual machines dialog, select a VM and click OK to deploy the backup policy to the virtual machines.

To run an initial on-demand backup job, On the vault dashboard, click on Backup now to create the backup.

When the initial backup job completes, you can see its status in the Backup job menu.

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